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Race Fuels for Performance Enthusiasts

Whether taking on a track day or supplying for highly tuned engines, we have the experience to take you to victory

Dynamically Efficient

Get your desired lap times with Race Fuel Depots that are designed for best performance

Engineered for Specific Needs

Optimal performance for all types of racing applications

Racing Heritage

Founded on years of racing heritage, Race Fuel Depot brings you the best products for your race day.

Exotics and Muscle Cars

Our work has defined how many car owners enjoy their vehicles. Contact us for more information


Designed for enthusiasts, by enthusiasts of high end performance vehicles. We have helped car owners get more performance out of their vehicles since 2015 and are the only race fuel provider open late.


We bring you the very best race fuels for your performance driving weekend or for competitive events. Race Fuel Depot provides Sunoco Race Fuels like 260GT, 260GT Plus, EX02, MaxNOS, Standard, and other high octane race fuels. We distribute race fuels across Texas and look forward to seeing you at the next event.

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260 GT

Our Flagship Fuel

260-GT Plus

Upgraded Performance


Top Line Quality & Performance


Designed for Efficiency


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A Quality Fuel Designed for Enthusiasts


  • Sunoco 260 GT Plus
  • Sunoco 260 GTX
  • Sunoco 110
  • Sunoco 112
  • Ignite E85
  • Ignite E98 Yellow

  • Ex02
  • Sunoco MaxNOS
  • Sunoco Methanol
  • Sunoco Standard
  • Sunoco EX02
  • Ignite E108 Green
  • Ignite E114 Red

  • Supreme
  • Sunoco SR18
  • Track Tack
  • Nitrous
  • Ethanol Free
  • Sunoco E Free 93
  • Jugs, Spout, Pump, Wrenches


All our testimonials are from enthusiasts, business owners, the press, and real people just like you.

You guys exceeded all my expectations!! Way to go. Thank you for partnering with us for our track day in April

John D

Race Fuel Depot followed through with their promise to supply all our race fuel; I’m glad Jeremy has been there from the start to guide us through the ordering process and we love all the new swag.

Jane T

We appreciate all your efforts in maintaining the best level of customer service we have ever seen in a distributor. Your dedication to performance fuels really shows. Thank you for representing us on a whole new level.

Kevin Y

We look forward to doing business with you again next year! Thanks for another job well done. Greetings from Michigan and thanks for delivering on all your promises.

Bob B

We have enjoyed working with you to fulfill the race fuel needs for Race Wars. Without you the event would have never have happened. Thank you for all your help and assistance from selecting the fuels, supply chain, and delivery.

Dominic T

Engineered for Perfection

  • Race Fuel Comparison Chart

    Name Leaded Color Octane Specific
    (R+M)/2 Research Motor
    APEX No Not Dyed 95 100 90 0.744 2.6
    260 GT No Not Dyed 100 105 95 0.734 3.7
    260 GT Plus No Light Blue 104 110 98 0.761 4.7
    260 GTX No Green 98 103 93 0.762 0
    E85-R No Pale Green 99 104 94 0.79 30
    EX02 Yes Light Orange 110 115 105 0.75 10
    FR No Not Dyed 96 102 90 0.743 3.7
    Green E15 No Green 98 104 93 0.745 5.6
    HCR Plus Yes Orange 114 118 110 0.736 0
    Maximal Yes Red 116 118 114 0.713 0
    MaxNOS Yes Yellow 116 119 113 0.734 0
    MO2X Yes Dark Green 112 116 108 0.724 2.7
    Optima No Not Dyed 95 98 92 0.72 0
    SR18 Yes Yellow 118 120 116 0.704 0
    SS 100 No Not Dyed 100 104 96 0.715 3.5
    Standard Yes Purple 110 114 106 0.729 0
    Supreme Yes Blue 112 115 109 0.715 0

  • Which Fuel is Right for Me?

    The enhanced state of competition requires racers to constantly upgrade and strive for the best. Some believe there are no huge horsepower gains remaining, but when it comes to power, quality is what determines the gains – the race fuel is where the modern engine builder and racer are turning their attention for maximum efficiency.

    Many of the major events do not restrict a driver’s choice, and this freedom gives the driver a chance to work with the engineer to provide the maximum power. The fuel has to be specific for the purpose, and it needs to be developed to suit the exact need.

    Different engines have different demands, and there is no one-size-fits all. The car needs to be competitive consistently, and the best way is to have enough octane. Having the right fuel has a direct correlation with reducing detonation and pre-ignition. The perfect timing for detonation is when the piston is starting the downward stroke. When fuel ignites too late, the piston has already begun the process and efficiency suffers. Pre-ignition causes a force opposite of the piston force, also reducing efficiency.

    Race engines can be susceptible to detonation, a constant concern for engineers and fuel manufacturers. Selecting the right fuel ensures the fuel totally releases available energy, and doesn’t burn after peak cylinder pressure. Increasing octane reduces detonation, but there are more variables in play to get the best performance out of the engine.

    Ask our specialists which fuel is right for your vehicle.